Black Knit Shirt with African Mud Cloth Raglan Sleeves and Cuffs

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At the intersection of comfort and fashion, this versatile shirt will step up your casual game, or bring an edge to your evening look. Made from lightweight black jersey knit, with raglan sleeves in mud cloth. Mud cloth is an eco-friendly textile, handwoven by men in Mali. After the cloth is woven, it is painted with a fermented bark and mud mixture and left in the sun for the dye to saturate. Each piece of mud cloth is one of a kind, no 2 pieces are alike. A beautiful handmade textile is the base for my handmade cape. Cape is made to order, and in a black/white mud cloth but patterns vary slightly as each piece is unique. Mudcloth is fair trade sourced in the art markets in Ghana. Each piece is limited edition and unique. Please see my other mud cloth pieces in my online shop, or in the Tidal Cool Boutique.